Bæredygtigt, høj komfort og 100% tilfredshedsgaranti 🇩🇰

Christina elsker jorden

Since I started the brand Christina Rohde in 1991, the work-life balance has played a significant role in the way I have built and run my business.

Caring for people and the environment and making sustainable choices have been core values in my mindset from the very start.

I believe that children’s clothes can be fun, colorful, stunning, and at the same time be made in a sustainable environment. I love the fact that we can dress up, shop, and at the same time make conscious choices and take better care of the Earth.

This is my way of caring:

  • Everything from the thread, zippers, buttons etc. are made in Europe
  • All fabrics are made in Europe
  • All the clothes are cut and sewn in Europe
  • I always prioritize ground freight as instead of air delivery
  • I produce only according to orders sold and all samples are sold at stock and sample sales
  • In the last couple of years, I have taken a step closer of being more sustainable. All the cotton has an eco-certificating likewise the prints
  • My longtime relationship with most of my suppliers means an easier and more smooth way to work and thereby less waste
  • I believe in the high quality of the products, as one of the most important ways to produce sustainable designs; I produce to ensure that the garments can last for a long time, and strive to make a timeless design that can be worn season after season.
Together all our small changes can make a big change for the world tomorrow.
Love, Christina